Hi there.

You've found my tiny corner of the webiverse. Welcome! And make yourself at home. There's some beers in the fridge if you're thirsty.

Since you're here, you probably want to know something about me. Some personal details:

  • I'm originally from the Upper West Side of Manhattan and now live in the Upper Haight neighborhood in San Francisco.
  • I make web and mobile apps at startups. Much of my experience is in media, but I've been expanding my horizons. Cuz why not?
  •  Other things I do include road biking, skiing, cooking, making cold brewed coffee and being an awesome friend.

You can use those nifty buttons below to find me elsewhere in the webiverse, but the easiest way to get in touch is joel [dot] resnicow (at) gmail [dot] com.

Good times...